LaCeykem will develop the filling/packaging/shipping proces in close collaboration with the customer. We understand the importance of your brand-equity very well. Developing a new bottle/dispenser can be taken care of, while having a mould shop and blow moulding proces in place. In the moulds we carefully protect your designs.


Having >20 years of experience and solid chemical education and background is crucial to mix the formula’s up to the customers specification. Some of the formula’s are sensitive to micro biological contamination and subsequently enhancing our care for your brand equity and quality requirements.


Due to our flexibility we fill bottles from 50ml all the way to 4 liter. The shape could be circular, conicle, etc. We fill liquids in different categories but also fill powder products. All our employees are within our company since they started their jobs, so they know exactly what to do to meet your quality requirements.


In some cases we use the bottle provided by the customer and in other cases we use bottles we blow in house according to the specifications provided by our customers. This close partnership approach with the customer allows low cost modifications to the bottle while making progress.


LaCeykem is capable in transporting and shipping your products using various methods of transport. Sea shipping, road transport, rail, etc.We also assure the correct import/export and payment conditions i.e. LoC.We act local but we think global. 70% of our current product portfolio is shipped overseas.