Floor cleaners

The first thing we notice when we walk into a facility is the cleanliness and shine of the flooring. And its condition reflects on you.

A floor should be clean but not slippery. It should protect the material of the floor in the right way and clean as well.

Fragrance is a relevant factor while using the liquids floor care products. A clean floor sends a strong message to customers, employees, patients and family, contractors , visitors, business associates, governmental visitors,etc. who walk into your facility.

Floor care like any other part of our household maintenance of facility maintenance requires a floor care plan describing the frequency of floor scrubbing, stripping and polymer or wax treatment. Floor care products also support safety for the visitors in a facility.

The treatment needed for different types of floors is very different. Wood, tile and stone and vinyl require different formulas and consequently a reflection on the third party filling/packaging process. We know how to take care of this.